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Explore recipes, blogs, topics, and restaurants - All customized toward the way you eat and live

Find the recipes, blogs, topics, and places that fit your diet. All in one feed.

The centralized platform for customized food content

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Delve into a visual food and content discovery experience based on what you love to eat

benefits of product


No more insecurities, know what recipes, products, and restaurants cater to the way you live

benefits of product


Interact within a safe community and share your ideas and experiences with others


A Secure Community

Having a dietary restriction can be an isolating experience. There can be little to no support available and nowhere to turn to for help. Nomsy empowers you to engage with and become part of a community sharing a similar preferences.

  • Follow your favorite food bloggers
  • Discover and save tailored recipes to your diet
  • Start discussions with other users & ask questions
  • Find which restaurants best fit your tastes

Tailored Content

Interface with blog articles, recipes, and topics tailored to you

  • Immersion into a Sub-Community
  • Diet-Relevant Blog Artciles
  • Diet-Relevant Recipes
  • Customizable Settings

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Millions of people with specific dietary restrictions have difficulty finding places they can eat at. With Nomsy, you can visually discover restaurants nearby that cater or offer dishes for the way you eat and live.

  • Favorite specific restaurants to visit later
  • Explore local restaurants nearby
  • Select multiple dietary preferences based on needs
  • Share dining experiences with other users

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Meet The Team

Folks dedicated to safe & visual food content discovery

Team Member

Robby is the teams CEO and web developer, with previous work experience at Goldman Sachs, Cisco Systems, and American Express. Robby loves soccer, fitness, and expressing his eccentric nature.

Robert Greenfield, IV

Team Member

Evan is the company's COO and Product Director, with previous work experience at Hyundai and United Airlines. Evan is a car-addict and also loves playing soccer and working out.

Evan Leung

Team Member

Julian is the company's CMO and is the poly-sci major of the group. He has worked with Grand Rapids City government and for the University of Michigan during his collegiate tenure. He also loves long walks (no, he actually does enjoy long walks...on the beach!)

Julian Turley


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